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Usually, when a customer approaches us to work on a wearable compatible app, it's not just an app that works with wearables. In some cases they want us to upgrade their existing app and make it wearable compatible, and in some cases the requirement is to develop a cross platform app that works with all types of devices and even has a web version that can be accessed via computers. With attention to detail, thorough planning, and a focus on meeting deadlines without compromising on quality, we develop wearable apps as per your requirements.

Wearable App Development Services We Offer

Here are the four main wearable app development services we offer

Strategy & Consultation

This is perfect for you if you’re just looking for expert guidance. Here, our consultants will discuss your requirements with you, determine the scope of your project, and develop a roadmap for your wearable app.

Design & User Experience

Whether you have an android wearable development project, or you’re catering to another device, visuals are important. If you need help with visuals, this would be your stop.Our design team will conceptualize user journeys and develop flows that will delight your users.


If you’ve got everything else figured out and are just looking to hirewearable app developers, we can help! Our developers have years of experience creating brilliant wearable apps that their users love!

Testing and QA

Got an app that you want to get tested? Our QA team will put it through several kinds of tests to detect any bugs, functionality issues, or even security loopholes. At the end of this service, you will have a full test report.

Good wearable apps, need good wearable app developers. At Softwareistic, we create apps that are practical, easy to use, and get the job done.

Our Process

We follow a four-step process for our wearable app development projects. Find them here:


Strategy & Consulting

The first step in our android wearable app development process is consultation which results in complete strategy development. Here, our consultant will discuss your requirements, determine the scope of your project, the right technology to be used, and develop a roadmap for your app.


Design & UX

The next stage is UX and design! Leave it to our designers to make sure that your app looks exactly the way your clients want to see it! From creative tominimal, our team can handle any theme, all while making sure its easy to use.


Engineering and delivery

At this stage of our mobile app wearables services, we actually get to coding the app. Our clients are kept in the loop and are reported to after each development cycle, and at the end of this stage, the first iteration of the wearable app is completed.


QA and optimization

Our final stage, QA & Optimization will make sure that your app is functioning smoothly. After each testing round, the app will go back to the development team to get detected bugs and issues fixed, until no more bugs are detected. At the end of this stage, your app will be ready for its big launch!



During the strategy and consultation session, we discuss a client’s requirements for the app and suggest technologies that will best suit the features they want to see. This is why technologies used can vary from app to app. That being said, our team of wearable app developers are always on top of the latest technologies and programming languages and will make sure that your app is trendy, speedy, and powerful.
The timelines of our wearable app development projects depend on our clients and the requirements. Our development team suggests a timeframe that will keep in integrity how soon our clients need their apps, while also giving the developers the due time to create a robust and highly functional app.
Absolutely!If budget is a problem, we also give our clients options to pay in easy installments.

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