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Custom Real Estate Apps and Software Solutions

Like anything else, people search for real estate online before they start meeting real estate agents in person. They usually search for the available real estate online, whether it is to buy or to rent, and then they find out the contact information of the seller/owner through the website/app they are using. This means that there's a huge market for real estate apps out there, and you too can carve a niche for yourself in this space.

Softwareistic can build a custom real estate app for you and integrate it with your existing systems and database. We can help you get your MVP to market and keep adding more features as your needs grow. While most real estate apps have similar features, you can differentiate yourself based on the type of listings and the ease of use your app offers to your customers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

This is the type of app that's connected to a larger database through a secure API. The users can browse through available listings and filter the results according to their needs. The users can also upload new listings and add photos and videos of a property.

Softwareistic can get this type of app up and running in a matter of weeks.

Document Management App

This is a more custom type of app built specifically for real estate agents. The agents can use this as a personal project management tool to manage important documents, have templates ready for customers, and communicate with prospects and more.

If you are a real estate agent or want to build an app for real estate agents, tell us about your requirements and we can get started.

Property Management App

This type of app helps property managers stay on top of their tasks. They can use it as a project management app as well. With this custom app, they can create checklists, set reminders, get notifications and make sure all of their properties are in good shape.

Depending on your requirements, a property management app can have a wide variety of features. Talk to us and we can start conceptualizing your ideas today.

Real Estate Investment App

This type of app allows people to find investment opportunities in commercial and residential properties. This is very different from a conventional real estate app as it will allows people to search for properties but use entirely different variables to filter their searches. The call to action and the actions that follow after finding a suitable property are also different. This also carries data from the app to a central database through a secure API.

If you need to develop a custom real estate investment app, get in touch with us and we can start working with the concept today.

Real Estate Marketing App

This type of real estate app is for the marketing savvy realtor. These apps usually offer a ton of features all related to managing your marketing assets, schedule your marketing campaigns, keep track of user behavior and analyze data from your campaigns so that you can improve them.

Need a custom real estate marketing app? Talk to us today.

Real Estate Solutions to Address Your Needs

Real estate professionals that realize the potential of mobile and web applications want to tap into this market with the help of custom made mobile applications to boost their real estate enterprise. A real estate app development agency such as Softwareistic can help you turn your ideas into profit by building your customer application for you. We will help you with ideation, conceptualization, UX/UI design, development, app store approval, pre-launch marketing, and post launch support. We can also help you get to market quicker than your competitors by developing an MVP for you and making sure it is scalable beyond imagination. Talk to us about your real estate app development needs today.

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  • Why develop healthcare apps with us?
  • Safety, security, and data encryption
  • Quickly go to market with your MVP
  • Integrate your app with all types of EHRs, EMRs, and PMS
  • Patient-friendly UX and UI
  • Detailed product roadmap
  • We meet deadlines



This depends largely on the number of features you want. Softwareistic offers affordable rates and we can also work out an installment plan if your app has a lot of features.
Yes. There are a lot of services out there, including Zillow, which provide data on demand through a secure API. We can integrate your app with any database or service you want.
We use custom data authentication methods as well as encryption techniques to ensure data security.

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