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There's Endless Potential In Ecommerce App Development

Ecommerce app development activity at this point in time is at an all-time high, and it is projected that in a few years, pretty much all shopping will be done online. While big online stores such as Amazon have the biggest market share in this space, small retailers, manufacturers, and producers of goods are increasingly finding it a better option to build their own online stores and ecommerce apps to sell their products. This way, they reach their customers directly, improve brand recognition, and sell their products at competitive rates.

That being said, managing an online store and/or an ecommerce app is not that easy. The app needs to come loaded with a number of features that users have come to expect from market leaders. They want to be able to create new accounts, login using their social media ids, get notified on promotions, put certain 'out-of-stock' products on their watch list, browse, search and filter through different categories in multiple ways, download receipts, and see their purchase and browsing history, etc. This means that there is no room for an MVP if you are going live with an ecommerce app for online shopping, and the first iteration has to have a ton of features.

At, Softwareistic we take pride in being a 360-degree ecommerce web application development company that offers seamless ecommerce android app development services, and a lot more! Let us know what kind of ecommerce app development you need and we will get started on it right away.

B2C Ecommerce Apps

These are the most common type of ecommerce apps and are used for online shopping. A business creates an app that connects to its online store through a secure API and allows the customer to browse the entire catalog, search for the products they want and make purchases. Usually these online stores are built on Shopify or Magento. Softwareistic has experience in working with both these platforms. We can also help you built an online store and a cross platform app that goes with it.

B2B Ecommerce Apps

These apps usually have fewer features than your generic online shopping app. Usually every business has its own requirements and each b2b ecommerce app is different in the set of features it has. Softwareistic builds customized b2b ecommerce apps for all types of industries. Let us know your requirements and we will get started with the UX/UI conceptualization right away.

C2C Ecommerce Apps

In these types of ecommerce apps, the customers interact with each other, upload pictures of different items they want to sell, set prices, search for products, and make purchases. This means that the data security on these types of apps needs to extra tight, as user generated content in the form of images, text, and videos is also being added to them in real time. This is challenging type of app to make, but Softwareistic is up for the challenge.

Bidding And Auction Ecommerce Apps

These apps come with all the standard features of an online shopping app with the addition of the ability to bid and the ability to auction off your products. In this type of ecommerce app, the user interface needs to be designed in a way that it is super easy for bidders to see their bid vs. that of others. If this is the kind of app you need, Softwareistic would love to build it for you.

Ticketing And Booking Ecommerce Apps

These apps are usually built for airlines, travel agents, hotels, and similar businesses where the users can book flight or rooms and purchase tickets. Softwareistic has a well defined process of building such apps and we can build one for you too as per your requirements.

Let's start building your ecommerce app today

If you are looking for an ecommerce app development agency to build a quick loading, feature rich, scalable app for you, you've found it. In the first stages of the process, Softwareistic will gather requirements and start building a framework for the development process as well as concept designs for the UX and UI. Once the UX and UI is approved, the development process starts and the first iteration is rolled out after thorough QA and testing. We understand your need to get the app out there as quickly as possible and always meet deadlines while maintaining the high level of quality you expect from us.

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  • Why develop healthcare apps with us?
  • Safety, security, and data encryption
  • Quickly go to market with your MVP
  • Integrate your app with all types of EHRs, EMRs, and PMS
  • Patient-friendly UX and UI
  • Detailed product roadmap
  • We meet deadlines



The cost varies from app to app and depends a lot on the features you need. We will be able to give you a quote after the first couple of meetings when we have gathered all the requirements.
Yes. We can integrate your app with any existing database or ERP you have. This includes your shopify store, your magento store, or any other type of system you are using.
Yes. Since the app is integrated with the main database, all changes will be reflected there.
We use custom data authentication methods as well as encryption techniques to ensure data security.

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