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Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: December 26, 2016

This Terms and Conditions document dictates the policies for the users of Softwareistic, the services we provide and the liabilities that may be involved with the usage of any of our services and products. Upon registration for a service that we provide, it ensures that you’ve agreed and read all of the terms outlined within this document.

Coverage & scope

This document covers the usage of any services, products or websites owned and operated by Softwareistic. For companies that Softwareistic does not own or has any control over, this document does not stand applicable. It also applies to any person that is not hired or managed by Softwareistic including different third-party services or product providers that may have contractual bindings, as well as any website for another party which Softwareistic’s site links.

Filing a complaint

In the case a complaint has to be filed, Softwareistic aims to bring the matter to a solution that is acceptable by both parties in the event a user expresses dissatisfaction with services and revocation takes place upon the lack of a conclusion. Before filing a claim, we request that You write to us and only do so if we cannot offer a solution that is not satisfactory.

Eligibility for refund

It is our responsibility to fulfill our end of the bargain and deliver the product as per the agreed upon standards between the two parties. We offer dispute resolution procedures, which if properly followed, can result in refund claims. The claims follow a proper schedule as mentioned in our services and terms of use regarding each service.

Application programming

If we have not started working on a project and the client asks for a refund, a full refund will be provided to the client upon request. For every application programming project, we draft an agreement. If no agreement was created and/or no Terms of Use were mentioned, the delivery policy will be in that case:

Softwareistic will provide the client with a partial refund if the project isn’t finalized as per the contract and delivery policy. The degree or proportion of the work done will be assessed and calculated by Softwareistic and the rest of it will be taken into consideration as pre-defined scope.

Dedicated hiring

Softwareistic offers a full refund if a project is delayed in initiation by programmers or any other staff members or resource. For the days the project is worked upon, a refund will not be offered. This means that a proportionate refund is offered if a project is cancelled at any time.

Upon dissatisfaction with any of the work done by us, the client is requested to immediately reach out to the Project Manager and see if a partial refund is applicable. Such requests and negotiations will not be accepted later on when the project is completed.

Applicability of the delivery policy

Timely payments are required and a project may be considered void if the payments that were previously agreed upon are not made on time. It is the client’s responsibility to provide Softwareistic with regular, timely information to ensure that the project is successfully completed. In case of a delay or overall failure of the project that takes place due to miscommunication or lack of communication on time, Softwareistic will not be held responsible. Completeness of information is crucial and Softwareistic will not honor or be obligated to cater to any request if a client does not provide all the information or scope at the initial stages of the project. Unless there is a penalty clause set in along with a special agreement between both parties, Softwareistic will not compensate for any delays in project delivery.

Limitation of liability

For any losses that occur due to the delay, lack of delivery of services that takes place, Softwareistic will not be held responsible. A refund is only applicable and Softwareistic is liable for it in case a client wishes to cancel the project and the case has been forwarded to Softwareistic in writing.

Processing of refunds

Within 5 business days of the cancellation date of the project, Softwareistic will send out any refunds and mail. The method of payment for it will be the same as the original deposit, either by check or by credit card.

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