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The Healthcare Apps Industry Is Growing

The Healthcare industry is growing exponentially every year. This is powered by great technological advancements being made in the IT industry as well as an increased demand for Healthcare as other industries become more and more digitized. You do not need to visit the bank to perform transactions anymore. You don't need to go to a restaurant to get takeout. You don't even need to go to the grocery store to buy groceries. So why should you need to visit the doctor when you get sick?

Wearable devices linked to your smartphone, diagnostic devices that connect with your phone, medical-grade imaging performed through your phone, and other diagnostic tools are taking Healthcare to the next level and bridging the gap between patients and medical healthcare providers online. There's a growing need for more and more medical apps out there that support automated clinical decision tools and use real-time data streams.

Softwareistic can help you build all types of apps in the mHealth space, ranging from appointment and scheduling apps to remote patient monitoring apps. Whether you want your app to connect with an EHR or put the user in touch with a therapist, we will get it done.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring apps serve as a bridge between monitoring devices, the customer's smartphone, and the medical care provider's system. The patient uses remote monitoring devices to collect data about their health, for example, test their blood or their heart rate, and the app then transmits said data to the healthcare provider. The most common example of such a device can be a fitbit, while other examples include:

  • Heart rate monitors and medical alert systems
  • Smart scales
  • Glucose monitors
  • Pulse oximeter
  • ECG devices

All of these devices are designed to collect specific medical data points, and communicate those data points to a relevant medical app in your smartphone/tablet. The apps that communicate with these devices are expected to follow the HIPAA guidelines and make sure the data is delivered between different systems in a secure way. In some cases the app will need to be FDA approved as well. Softwareistic can help you with all of that and more.

Therapy and Counseling Apps

Therapy and counseling apps connect patients with therapists through text messaging, live video, and audio. As opposed to a weekly in-person session, you can do multiple sessions online or text back and forth with your therapist. Usually, these apps match a person with a therapist based on the information provided by the customer. Thee apps also have an in-built payment option and in some cases need to work with EHRs, EMRs, and pre-existing systems of healthcare insurance providers.

Softwareistic builds therapy and counseling apps as per your specifications while ensuring data security.

Fitness & Wellbeing Apps

Fitness and wellness apps may range from apps that have recorded and live video training sessions, apps that find gym sessions near your area, calorie calculators, nutrition value calculators, apps that create nutrition plans and diet plans based on your weight goal and so on.

Some of these apps need to be FDA approved but in most cases they will need a standard set of features and an API that connects them to a larger database in a secure way. In these apps, the user experience and user interface can be the key factor for success. If you want to build a fitness and wellbeing app, let us know your requirements today.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling apps help patients schedule their own appointments by logging in, choosing a physician, and picking an available spot. In some cases these apps will need to be integrated with EHRs, practice management software, payment systems and pre-existing systems of health insurance providers. These apps show the patient all available healthcare providers in their chosen area and schedule appointments. They also communicate patient related data points (such as patient history) to the healthcare provider, so the app communicates with the user, the healthcare provider, and the insurance company all at the same time. This requires compliance with HIPAA and other government standards. If you are in need of such an app, we will build it for you.

Customized EHRs for Small Practices

Clinics and small practices require practice management systems to manage their operations. There are a lot of open source EHRs and out-of-the-box solutions out there, but they can charge as much as $500 per physician and the costs can add up as your requirements grow. Softwareistic can develop a custom EHR for you that helps you digitize all your operations, connect you to health insurance providers, manage appointments, maintain patient history and more.

We build scalable applications that can start with the few necessary features you need and then we can keep adding more features as your needs grow. This is a more cost effective solution for you in the long run as you own the rights to the code, you own the software, and the costs do not add up exponentially as you add more physicians and add more features.

Healthcare Solutions with Data Security and Patient Friendly UI

Looking for a custom healthcare app that works with iOS and Android devices as well as all types of browsers online? Let us know your requirements and we will start working on the UX/UI immediately. With healthcare apps, compliance is one of the biggest concerns most customers have. There are very few types of apps in the mHealthcare sector that do not need to be compliant to HIPAA. Other types of compliance include FDA, GDPR (in case of Europe and UK) and PIPEDA (for Canada). Softwareistic makes sure your app follows those guidelines.

Another concern with healthcare apps is the user interface and user experience. This is especially true for apps that put patients that may need emergency care in touch with their care providers. Patients with dementia, or patients that are in pain, or those that may not be that tech savvy need to be able to easily use the app and communicate their needs to their care provider. This is why we go into a lot of detail about your user persona at the requirement gathering stage and make sure the UI is super easy for the patients.

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  • Why develop healthcare apps with us?
  • Safety, security, and data encryption
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  • Integrate your app with all types of EHRs, EMRs, and PMS
  • Patient-friendly UX and UI
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Yes. We can work with any EHR or EMR and make sure your app communicates with it and is fully integrated with it.
There are multiple patient-related data points that need to be communicated between devices and need to be protected. We will use custom data authentication methods as well as encryption techniques to ensure data security.

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