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At Softwareistic, we build custom mobile banking apps that come equipped with all the standard features as well as any additional features you'd like. Some of the standard features include:

  • Account management
  • Payment scheduling
  • ATM tracking
  • Money transfer
  • Setting and receiving notifications on transactions

Most people prefer to use the app offered by their bank to manage their accounts, pay their utility bills, make transfers and more. This is to the benefit of the consumer as well as the bank, as the bank does not have to allocate resources to cater to customers in person, and the customers get 24/7 availability of all standard banking services. Softwareistic can build your mobile banking app from scratch, upgrade your existing app, make sure your app is cross platform compatible and more. Let's talk today.

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Custom Banking Apps and Software Solutions

Most banks, if not all, have a web application and a mobile application that gives their customers access to their accounts and provide them with a bunch of options to manage their accounts. However, not all mobile banking apps are made the same. In a competitive market where the quality of service is super important in influencing the customer's decision in choosing their financial services provider, your app can help you win customers over.

We will build a custom banking app for you that will give you an edge against your competitors. Let's talk about your requirements today.

Standard Banking Apps

These apps provide the customer with all standard options to manage their account. They can schedule payments, make transfers and keep track of their bank statements. This type of app also allows for management of small business accounts.

If you want to develop a cross-platform compatible, scalable banking app, call us today.

Custom Banking Apps

These types of apps have advanced features as well as custom features to serve your needs. Some of these features include:

  • Biometric verification
  • Card-less ATM withdrawal
  • Lock your debit and credit cards
  • Voice search and more

If you have a number of custom features in mind for your app, call us today.

What makes Softwareistic a good option to develop your banking app?

Softwareistic has a great team of talented developers that have the experience and skills needed to build your mobile banking app in record time. We will collect requirements, build a UX/UI framework, a product development roadmap, and get to work within the week (depending on your approval). We will deliver a high quality product, make continuous improvements, provide post launch support, and meet deadlines.

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Why develop your banking app with us?

  • MVP development to quickly get you to market
  • Post launch support
  • Scalable apps
  • Data security
  • Advanced reporting and analysisWe use advanced data security methods



Can you work on my existing app and improve it?

We can add more features to your current app, optimize it, make it compatible with the latest OS, transform the way it looks, upgrade the way it works and more. We will need access to the source code and we will take it from here.

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