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As of March 2022, the number of smartphone users in the world has grown to 6.648 billion, and is expected to continue rising. In 2021, the total number of application downloads on Google Play Store was 11.3 billion, and currently there are 3.48 million apps available on Play Store.

As the number of Smartphone users continues to climb, more and more apps are being downloaded off of Google Play to make personal and professional lives easier and simpler. If you're looking for an android app development company to create an app for you and dominate Google Play:
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Android App Development Services We Offer

A Complete Spectrum of Our Android App Development Solutions

Strategy and consultation

First steps are always the hardest. This is the ideal service for you if you're in the initial stage of building your app. Here, we'll help you determine the scope of your project, what technology to use, and create a custom roadmap for your android application development project.

Design & UX

User experience is everything. If you are looking for an android app development agency to build a seamless custom user journey, conceptualize your UX and design your layouts, this is the perfect service for you.


Android application development services are what we're famous for! Here's how it goes; you tell us your requirements, and we'll bring them to life on a timeline of your choosing.

Testing and QA

If you have a complete app that just needs to be tested, this would be the ideal station for it. Our QA specialists will run rigorous tests to identity any bugs that need fixing; and we'll continue testing until your app is ready for launch!

Whatever stage you're currently at, we can help! Our android app development team has years and years of experience building all sorts of android apps from start to finish. Whether you need a unique design, a smooth UX to make a lasting impression, or robust omnichannel functionality, we can make it happen.

Our Process

We offer full cycle development from ideation and concept to delivery and maintenance. Here are the four stages.


Strategy and consulting

This is the discovery phase of our custom android app development services. Our team discusses your idea and requirements in detail, and designs a custom framework for your project.


Design and UX

Next come the visuals! At this stage we create some super cool visual representations of your application to show you what your app will look and feel like.


Engineering and delivery

Once you approve of your design and UX, we can move over to this stage, which is the actual development of the application. Our clients are kept in the loop every step of the way. At the end of this stage, you can expect to see the first iteration of your app.


QA and optimization

Finally, once you’re happy with your app, our QA specialists will test it for bugs and loopholes extensively. At the end of this phase, you will have a complete and tested product that is ready for launch!

Why Choose Us

Analytics-powered app dashboards

A dashboard is your control panel, and we make sure to build it to give you as much control over your app as possible. Powered by analytics and data, our customized dashboards are what make us unique!

A cool, easy-to-follow UX/UI

The smoother and simpler your interface, the easier it is to use your app. Customers love interfaces that are delightful yet easy to master, and our team knows how to give them exactly that.

Seamless functionality

Our professional android app development experts know how important app functionality is. We make sure that you're able to use your app without any glitches.

Complete data security

We understand how important data safety is! To deliver the best android app development services, we make use of custom encryption techniques that will keep yours and your customer's data safe.

Android Tech Stack


Programming language:

Java, Kotlin



Android Studio & Android Developer Tools



Android SDK


UI Framework:

Android UI



SQL, MongoDB, Firebase


Server Side REST APIs:

PHP, nodeJS, and .net



The prices of our android mobile application development services may vary because they largely depend on the scope and scale of your project, as well as the technologies used and the required delivery date. That being said, we always give our clients custom quotes after the initial requirement gathering phase.
The time taken to deliver our android development services also varies from project to project. Some projects are small, don't need a lot of work, and can be wrapped up within a week. Other projects are more exhaustive and require several different features; these can take much longer to build. In most cases we discuss the timeline and delivery dates with our clients, as well as provide them a custom report with the delivery dates of all deliverables and phases detailed on it.
Certainly! If your project is large scale, and requires that level of resource involvement, we will assign you a dedicated team.
Maintenance for up to three months after the final app is delivered to you, is actually part of our custom android app development services. If a new version comes out during this time, our dev team will update your app for no additional cost. That being said, even if a new version comes out at a later date, we will be happy to upgrade your app at a fraction of the standard price.

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