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Client's Objective

A renowned Austin-based real estate company approached us to develop a real estate app for their business due to online marketplaces' popularity for real estate transactions. The client wanted to target the audience looking to buy and sell properties online and facilitate its existing clients through enhanced customer support and communication.

The real estate company came to us to design a functional and innovative mobile app to extend their reach and maximize sales. The client wanted an app solution that would:

  • Extend their reach
  • Allow potential clients to connect with their agents
  • Contain advanced features like a mortgage calculator, maps, updates
  • Keep the client's sensitive data protected
  • Provide users with locality information
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Key Challenges

This real estate app project came with numerous challenges. The objective was to formulate an exclusive real estate app that would stand out in saturated app marketplaces. The client wanted us to create a unified app that would provide advanced features while ensuring simple navigation and a smooth user experience. Another challenge was to create a design that would offer a bundle of advanced features without overwhelming users.


Our team of analysts carried out detailed research and brainstorming before the app development process. We took advantage of our expertise and experience in app development to find the right technology for the app. We prioritized an easy-to-use interface with seamless animations and transitions.

Our app designers and developers followed the agile development process and effectively collaborated to fulfill the project objectives. Since the inception of the project, we worked closely with our clients to the final development stage to ensure we're on the same page. The cross-platform mobile app allowed us to tackle several app development challenges.

Here are the top features of our real estate app and its impact on the client's business:

Smart user interface

Our app designers created an easy-to-use, clutter-free user interface to ensure easy navigation and usability. We created separate tabs for buyers and sellers to make the user experience much more efficient. The option to carry out fast searched resulted in improved customer experience and helped the client attract new customers.

Robust customer support

The client's priority was to generate leads. We created a one-click option for users to connect with the agents to convert them into paying clientele. Our app developers also added an option for agents to maintain constant and direct contact with their clients, enabling them to update the latest listings and ensure timely communication.

Advanced features

Our app developers added a wide array of features to minimize bounce rates and improve user retention. The real estate app offers a variety of options, including mortgage calculators and maps, to provide a unified experience to the users. We also added a function to sort properties according to price, size, location, and other metrics to facilitate personalized searches.


Security was one of our top priorities for the real estate app. We partnered with professional service providers to incorporate top-of-the-line security solutions, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, real-time alerts, and more, to ensure the users' personal information remains confidential and safe.


Our real estate app helped the client to expand their reach and increase their business. It resulted in a significant number of leads, many of which converted and generated revenue for the company. The app's easy-to-use interface helped agents connect with clients and provide top-notch customer services, leading to more conversions.

The integration of advanced features resulted in a higher retention rate and helped build a regular client base. The app also helped create brand equity for the client. Users started recognizing the brand name associated with the app, allowing the client to create a business identity in a broader marketplace.

Technology Stack

  • PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Integration with Syndication platform
  • Flutter

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