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An MVP app is more than a prototype, in that you go live with it and let actual users download it and use it. This allows you to get feedback, gauge user interest, improve the UX, get ideas for more features, and get the momentum and confidence you need to go for full scale development. From a business point of you, going live with an MVP app can help you gain the trust of your investors and get valuable data that you can show to stakeholders.

If you hire Softwareistic as your MVP app development company, we will develop a product roadmap that allows scalability as well as for the MVP to be launched in a matter of weeks. Let's discuss your requirements today.

MVP App Development Services

Need help with an MVP application? Here's everything we can do!

Strategy & consultation

If you’re just getting started with your application and need a little bit of direction in the form of a custom strategy, this service is for you. At the end of this session, you will have a crystal clear view of your project scope and a crisp roadmap for development.

Design & UX

We love apps that are smooth, easy to use, and look good, right? Right! If your app lacks the personality design and UX can bring, we can help! Let our team create visuals, layouts and flows for your app and transform your app!

End--to-End Custom MVP app Development

Great applications need great developers. Here, our MVP application development team will develop your application as per your custom product roadmap, and deliver the code on a timeline of your choosing.

Testing and QA

No one likes buggy apps, do they? Our QA & testing team makes sure that your app is bug-proof and works just like it is supposed to. Here, we run rigorous tests on your application and deliver comprehensive test reports.

Worried about the costing? We believe in quality services and products with easy payment options, so we offer our clients an option to pay us in installments. Don't let costing hold you back from a professionally developed MVP web application.

Our Process

We offer full cycle development from ideation and concept to delivery and more. This is how our process works:


Strategy & Consulting

The first step to developing your MVP web app, is to get clear on what needs to be done. At this stage, we conduct a consultation session with our client to understand their requirements, determine project scope and develop a custom strategy.


Design and UX

Once that stage is complete, we move onwards to designing the visuals and the user interface. Here our design team will develop graphical prototypes to show our clients what their application will look and feel like.


Engineering & Development

At the engineering and development stage of our MVP development services, our coding team converts your ideas into code. At the end of this stage, you can expect to have the first iteration of your app.


QA and optimization

Once the first iteration of the app is developed, it is time for some serious QA and optimization so that we can provide a seamless experience to the user. The app is tested on multiple devices by experts and several improvements are made.



This depends on the scale of your project and the deadline you want us to meet. We will provide you with a customized quote after gathering all requirements from you. Usually our prices are on the affordable end of the spectrum and we try to facilitate our customers by taking payments through installments.
There have been cases where we went through the full development and delivery cycle within a week. However, this depends massively on the scale of your project and where you are in terms of ideas and conceptualization when you contact us. In some cases, customers provide us with a deadline and we manage the project accordingly. In most cases, we provide the customer a detailed project plan after gathering all the requirements with an ETA next to every deliverable.
Because we are experienced, we are affordable, we are qualified, and most importantly, we are passionate about app development. With us you can expect thorough professionalism, attention to detail, and a get-things-done attitude.
Yes. For large scale projects you will be assigned a dedicated team.
Yes. This is at the very early stages of the relationship before you have even decided to go with us as your android app development company. We do this to make sure your ideas and the information you share with us is protected and that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your ideas and the information you share with us is in safe hands.
You. We will sign a contract with you at the beginning of the relationship that makes you the sole owner of the project source code. The source code will be delivered to you over a secure channel.
We take international laws about IP seriously. Your intellectual property will be protected through an NDA that we will sign at the very initial stages of contact as well as the contract that follows if you decide to hire us.
The three months that follow the final version of the app being delivered to you are covered under our maintenance and support period. During this time, if a new version of the OS comes out, we will upgrade the app free of cost. If a new version comes out a while later, we will upgrade your app at a fraction of the cost of the standard price.
Yes, but it might mean additional cost as well as revised deadlines. All the features of the app are discussed and agreed upon by both parties before we start development. Adding new features during the development phase means changing the scope of the project which will have an effect on the agreed upon deadlines for deliverables as well as the cost of the project. If you want to add new features, the contract will have to be revised and the pricing and ETAs will have to be revisited.
Three months. The standard maintenance and support services continue after three months of the app being launched. Additional months can be purchased at very affordable pricing.

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