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Our Process

Our method to creating valuable solutions for small businesses

Strategy And Consultation

We help in determining the scope of the project, deciding which technology to use, and creating the basic framework and product roadmap. This all starts with the ideation and conceptualization process:

  • You tell us your requirements
  • We perform in-depth analysis on the type of app you need as well as your industry and target market
  • We ask questions that help us better understand your needs and what you want to accomplish
  • We start building wireframes and roadmaps
  • We determine a technology stack

This is step one of the process in full cycle development and it's also available as a stand-alone service.

Design and user

We build user journeys, conceptualize user interface and design the layouts for all types of applications. In some cases we go with multiple options and in some cases we love a design/UI so much that we email it to you as soon as it is done.

  • The project managers work closely with the designers to get the look and feel right
  • The designers make sure the screens highlight what they need to highlight
  • We make sure the transaction from one screen to another is seamless
  • We deliver the final versions to you for approval in the form of jpg files

Some of our customers have hired us for specifically designing the user experience for their apps, but we must warn you, that usually turns into a long term relationship once they see the wireframes.


App development is our forte. You tell us your requirements and our developers work their magic to deliver quality code on a timeline of your choosing. Once the wireframes and product roadmap is approved, we move on to development work.

  • We use AGILE methodology for software development
  • We break down the development work in multiple milestones
  • You are kept in the loop throughout the development work

As part of full cycle development, we build your code from scratch. We can also pick your code from any stage and move it to completion. We can optimize it, make base level changes to make it scalable, add and remove features, and upgrade it as per your requirements.

Testing and QA

This part of the process is at the last stage before we launch your app.

  • We perform thorough testing, QA, and bug removal
  • We optimize your app for better performance if needed
  • We test it for cross-platform compatibility (if needed)

We offer QA and testing services for apps of all types. This service is for you if you already have an app that you want to optimize and improve.

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