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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: December 26, 2016

The following Privacy Policy was created by Softwareistic, regarding any Personal Data that is collected on our website (“Site”). Any and all terms capitalized in the text shall share the meaning define herein.

Personal data

If you the user make the choice of registering with Softwareistic, in order to improve our services for you, your personal data will be used be it as described in our Privacy Policy or another agreement for a particular service including the Terms and Conditions for both Publishers and Advertisers. The personal data that may be collected includes information such as your full name, your email ID, telephone number, and information regarding billing and credit card.

Use of personal data

The usage of personal data by Softwareistic will be consistent with the terms described in either our Privacy Policy or any other agreement made such as Terms of Conditions that you agree to. The data we collect from you will be availed and utilized for the sole purpose that it was originally given for. A common example would be any information that you use to register on our website. Our affiliates receive personal data and non-identifiable information. It allows us to provide you with an overall experienced with better functionality and content for our services.

Personally non-identifiable information

The information that you provide to us at the time of registration on our website or for when You choose to acquire any of our services will not be enough to perform identification. This information can include but not be limited to your demographic, age, occupation and gender among other things. Not only will Softwareistic be collection this information, but Softwareistic’s affiliates, agents and service providers will also be maintaining this information on their own databases. It can be pooled up to use in conjunction with other information that we have for our analytical services, but we don’t use personal data for this procedure.

Passively collected information

We also receive and store additional personally non-identifiable information provided by users through our website. At the present, none of this information that we collect passively can be used for identification of an individual. This information includes but is not limited to a user’s IP address, the type of browser, the domain name as well as other anonymous data used for statistics regarding the usage of our site and services.

Aggregated personal data

For the better understanding of our users, any information provided by You may be aggregated by Softwareistic. Again, this information cannot be used to identify any individual and may be passed on to any of our affiliates including agents or business partners. These aggregated user statistics help us explain to current or potential partners about our services and how they work. For certain cases, if required by the law, this data will also be shared with other third parties.


Our site sends “cookies”, a piece of information from the website which ends up getting stored on your browser. It helps us with site management and adds added functionality for You, the user. We may use cookies on this site as well.

Sharing information

In some situations, Softwareistic will be required to share your personal data with third parties without notifying users. This includes agents, consultants and other third parties related. Other companies may be hired to handle business related activities, including dealing with user information. Mailing this data, maintaining data and processing payments. The provision of this data to any company is for the sole intended function it is given for. Your personal data may or may not be aggregated along with the data of other users.

It is provided to third parties and advertisers for marketing and promotional purposes. No information is provided that can be used to identify You.

Legal Requirements: If required by law or in the case of good faith, Softwareisticwill disclose your personal data in order to:

  • (a) be compliant in case of a legal obligation,
  • (b) for the defense and protection of Softwareistic and its rights, properties
  • (c) for the protection of the public and data of other users using our services or website
  • (d) in case of any legal liability, protection from it.

As in the case of any business transfer, we will operate in the same manner. In the case of mergers, acquisitions, dissolution or any event, personal data can be a part of the assets that are transferred. Minor

Softwareistic does not knowingly the collect personal data of minors, anyone under the legal age of 18, using this website. If you happen to be under 18 and classified as a minor, you are requested to not provide us with any personal information.

Links to other web sites

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to this Site and no third-party sites.


Softwareistic aims to protect the personal data provided by you to this website from different forms of loss, misuse, unauthorized access. Because of the malicious nature of some agents on the internet, the internet is not completely secure. We request that you are careful regarding any information that you provide us via e-mail.

Other terms and conditions

Softwareistic has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, be it an update or a modification at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we advise users to review the policy regularly and especially before handing out any form of personal data for usage. By using our site and services despite the modifications and revisions made to any part of the Privacy Policy, it shall be considered that you agree to any of the changes in the updated Privacy Policy.

Access to information

Our policy is to ensure that any information You provide us with as personal data remains correct, up to date and complete. If any of the information is outdated or not correct, we request you to reach out to us as mentioned below. We will make corrections to your data accordingly on the information in our possession as provided by you.

Opt-out policy

Upon registration, if you wish to not get any information from us or have any concerns or queries about how this information is being used, you can reach out to us at

Update your information

Upon registration, you can request us to make any amendments or changes to the personally identifiable information that you have offered us previously by contacting us as mentioned below. You will receive an update or response within thirty (30) days.

How to contact us

In case you have any concerns or queries regarding this Privacy Policy or how your data is being collected using this site, get in touch with us and send an email at

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