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Customized transportation and logistics solutions

While there are some features that are common in all transportation and logistics software, every organization is different and has its own set of challenges. We work closely with you to build transportation and logistics solutions that address your needs. We offer:

  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Warehousing and distribution solutions
  • Freight forwarding optimization solutions
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Why Choose Softwareistic?

You should choose softwareistic for staff, vehicle, and order management software development because:

  • We can work with your current technology stack and IT infrastructure
  • We can build off of your current source code and upgrade and optimize your application
  • We can develop new software solutions for you from scratch

Automate all your logistics management processes

Tap into the power of IoT and connect all your inventory and warehouse management devices to your logistics management system

Thanks to a lot of exciting new developments on the IoT front, the transportation and logistics industry has become more automated than ever. We can build software systems for you that notify you when a certain item in the inventory is x days old, or if a certain warehouse is at 50% capacity, or if a certain distributor is about to run out of a product. You will be able to track your entire fleet through one system, text, call, and video chat with them, generate invoices, scan new products, upload and download documents and more. If you are looking for a custom software solution in the transportation and logistics space, give us a call.

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