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Client's Objective

A leading company operating in Austin's fitness and health segment approach us to design an app for their clients. The company experienced a decline in sales over the past few months and wanted to focus on the online consumer base more effectively. The primary challenge was to design a mobile app that would set them apart from the competition.

The client wanted the design an app that would suggest exclusive health supplements and fitness equipment to users based on their profile and fitness goals.

The client wanted an app solution that would:

  • Offer easy navigation and innovative user interface
  • Serve as an engaging and useful app
  • Give them a competitive edge in the market
  • Contain advanced features like BMI calculator, calorie calculator, etc.
  • Keep user data safe and protected

Key Challenges

This health and fitness app presented many challenges to our development team. The goal was to design a unique fitness app that would give the client a competitive edge and promote their product. The client wanted a minimalistic UI and embed plenty of the advanced fitness features in the app. The fitness app niche is highly saturated, so designing an amazing app that would cater to users' specific needs was crucial.


We started the project by understanding the client's business and then conducting extensive market research. We identified the target audience and their major problem areas concerning health and fitness. We placed a high reliance on the user's micro habits, especially the prevalence of wearable fitness devices.

We also figured that a majority of people take fitness as either muscle-up or weight-loss. Our team further validated these assumptions through studies and surveys. Our objective was to create a trustable and convenient platform for fitness enthusiasts that would conveniently help our client sell their products and services without hampering their user experience.

The Health and Fitness App

We also carried out competitor analysis, evaluating the features and performance of top fitness apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to identify the potential gaps that we can fill to improve user experience. Our team of app designers and developers worked on developing a cross-platform app optimized for accuracy, speed, and user experience.

Here are some of the critical features of our health and fitness app and its impact on the client's business:

User experience

Our experienced app designers focused on creating a simplified user interface that wouldn't overwhelm new users. The easy onboarding process allowed new users to sign up through social media profiles. We set up an easy three-step form to conveniently enter personal data and fitness goals to encourage users to get started.

Advanced features

Our app developers incorporated a wide range of features found in top fitness apps, including BMI calculator, calorie calculator, body fat calculator, BMR calculator, ideal weight calculator, and more. We also set up dietary journals and exercise logs to track their diet and workout performance.

Support with wearable devices

We worked closely with the client to collaborate with companies manufacturing wearable devices. Our client already sold their products and persuaded them to extend support to our app, enabling us to add options to obtain real-time data from wearable devices. Our client got a huge competitive advantage due to this move.


Our web developers designed the app with user security in mind. We incorporated the best security solutions, including end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication, to add layers of protection to the app. We also carried out penetration testing to ensure the app doesn't have any vulnerabilities for data extraction.

Client's products and equipment

Our web designers added sections to promote our client's products. We carefully placed their health supplements and fitness equipment, so they don't come across as intrusive or pushy. Our developers also added several payment gateways to provide a one-click payment facility to allow users to purchase with a few taps on the screen.


Our health and fitness app significantly helped our client to improve their online sales. Due to an easy-to-use interface and bundle of advanced features, the bounce rate was low. Many users loved the tailored fitness plans and purchased recommended health supplements and fitness equipment by the app, boosting the client's revenue.

Technology Stack

  • Flutter
  • Google Fit
  • MySQL
  • Node.js

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