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Custom Gym Management Solutions and Fitness Apps

Softwareistic builds software solutions from complete gym management solutions to apps that help you find the best trainer available for the job. We develop:

  • Apps for finding a gym
  • Apps for finding a gym buddy
  • Custom workout apps for gyms
  • Apps for trainers
  • Gym management apps
  • Diet apps
  • Weight-loss apps
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Why Choose Softwareistic?

With Softwareistic you get a team of highly qualified developers working with you to understand your business requirements and provide you with the solutions you need to overcome your challenges. You can expect:

  • A well defined process for every stage of the app development cycle
  • Innovate approach to solving problems
  • Data security in everything we build


The fitness industry is a huge industry with millions of people all over the world looking to lose weight and improve their quality of life. Gym owners and managers need software solutions that help them manage their gyms. Gym management solutions need features like class scheduling, the ability to track trainer sessions, payment features, and even social features for the managers, administrators, and trainers to interact with each other. These are your standard applications that work on your desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Softwareistic builds custom gym management applications that work across platforms and come with all the features you want.


Gym goers, athletes, and people looking to lose weight or get in shape utilize a number of apps that help them manage their fitness regimen. From apps that help find a trainer or a gym nearby to wearables such as fitbit, fitness applications that cater to the individual exist in the tens of thousands and every day more and more such applications are being introduced in the market. If you have an idea for such an app and want a team of developers to build it, call us today.

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