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The Client's Challenge

A leading bank active in Austin and other major cities in the United States approached us to create a new banking app. They had an existing app that received negative feedback due to poor UI and bugs. They wanted us to create a new application from scratch to offer a seamless user experience to their clients.

The bank wanted to use their new digital app as one of the key selling points. They came to us with specific goals in mind.

They wanted an app solution that would:

  • Provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to the users
  • Offer top-of-the-line security and online protection
  • Provide easy navigation to basic options like card payment and the due date


Our goal was to identify and analyze users' pain points, exploring new ideas, and design an intuitive app that really solves their problems. We started by conducting extensive research on factors that lead to dissatisfaction regarding customers' online banking experiences. We interviewed different groups of people to find out the pain points of our targeted users.

We consolidated and prioritized all the problems to create an action plan. We created a map of the banking app user journey. It involved identifying users' crucial action points and understanding their expectations. Our objective was to reinvent the banking experience of users previously dissatisfied with the banks' previous mobile applications.

Banking App

Our professional app developers are focused on developing an app with a simple, modern interface. We created wireframes for quick visualization of the user interface and started prototyping. Our extensive research in the earlier stage enabled us to focus on the application's core areas and address the main issues pertinent to the banking app.

Here are the features of our new banking app and its impact on the client's business:

High-level Security

We embedded military-grade security features, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication feature, fingerprint access, and more, to ensure maximum security. We made the app compatible with NFC-embedded SIM cards and added an auto-logout option after five minutes of inactivity to prevent misuse of users' bank account.

Easy-to-use Interface

Our app developers created a clean user interface that provides a quick glance of accounts on the home screen. The user can navigate the app without any hassle. We also added a feature that allows users to add the most frequently used option to the home screen. We heavily focused on the technical performance of the app to ensure seamless navigation.


During the brainstorming session, our web developers decided to use the new app as an opportunity to improve customer service. We worked closely with the client to incorporate advanced options like card activation and blocking through the app. We also added ATMs and branch locators to facilitate the users.

Improved User Experience

We created a user-centered interface to enhance the impression of an app. Our app designers carefully developed user-centered icons to help users navigate the banking app more effectively. We also added a tutorial section and question buttons to enable users to learn about the app features conveniently.


Our developers wanted to provide a complete banking experience to users. They developed a dashboard with a wide range of banking options, including balance statements, transaction history, funds transfer, bills and top-ups, quick menu access, and more. We also added a contact section to allow users to connect to a bank representative quickly.


Our banking app received a positive response from testers. They suggested adding a feedback form, which we later incorporated into the app. We interviewed the previous app users as well as new users and received a positive response. Customers were satisfied with the features, responsiveness, and usability of the app.

Technology Stack

  • Html, CSS, JavaScript
  • React Native
  • MongoDB
  • Python

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