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wondering if your app idea is any good

How Do You Know If Your App Idea Is Good?

It can be hard to assess your own ideas, with impostor syndrome and self-doubt plaguing your thoughts at times. You want to make an app, you do have an idea of what it will do and the features it will have, but you don’t know whether or not your idea is good enough to pitch … How Do You Know...

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app idea

What to do if you have an idea for an App?

Every now and then, people come up with exciting ideas but lack the experience to bring their prospects into execution. This is particularly common for applications, as users realize that they have solutions for problems that others might be facing as well. If you feel like you have an amazing idea for an app, the … What to do if...

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps Of 2020

1. TikTok TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020 where it crossed 2.6 billion international downloads. One of the biggest advantages TikTok has over its counterparts is the fact that it’s available in China as well, which accounts for a large portion of its user base. The app has become a social media giant, … Top 10 Most Downloaded...

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flutter vs react native

React Native vs. Flutter. What’s best for you in 2021?

Native development for Android and iOS has taken a backseat, with technologies like React Native and Flutter kicking off. These two are helping develop hybrid applications that reduce the need for entire code rewriting, allowing for a more streamlined application development environment. But which of these is the better option for you? The following points … React Native vs. Flutter....

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how do free apps make money

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

Around 96% of the total applications on Google Play are free. On the App Store, that number is 92%. These applications are all free to download and use, but obviously they were built with the intent of making money. So how does a free application make money? Here’s how: 1.    Advertising One of the most … How Do Free Apps...

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cost of making a mobile app

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile App In 2021?

“How much will it cost to build this app?” This is usually the first question customers ask us after describing the app they want us to build, and it usually takes us a day or two to come up with an accurate quote. We take our time and consider all sorts of variables before quoting … How Much Does It...

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who should you hire to build your mobile app

Who can I hire to create an app for me?

So you have an idea for an app and want to hire a developer to bring it to life. Before you proceed, please make sure you have done your homework on the following: Market research to verify that there’s a need for your app Financial plan for funding and sustaining your app Demographic analysis to … Who can I hire...

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Developer working on PC.

Top 10 Apps built with React Native

When it comes to cross-platform application development, React Native is a go-to option. Many industry giants rely on it, with some of the applications on your device possibly running on React Native. Here are 10 of them:

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IT professionals busy at work

Benefits of Acquiring Outsourced IT Development Services

Information Technology tools and procedures are a need of the hour. From manufacturing and construction to banking and education sectors, every industry now needs IT development support to thrive. This includes seeking the help and expertise of an android app development company that can help you become a leader in the SME market. Owning, managing, and … Benefits of Acquiring Outsourced...

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A woman using her smartphone

Do You Really Need an Ecommerce App For Your Business?

Mobile smartphone were considered a luxury a decade ago, however, today, it has become an essential device that people use every day. Some of the most shocking statistics around smartphone usage are: Among 6 billion mobile phone users in the world, around 3 billion people use smartphones. The number of smartphone users is expected to double … Do You Really Need...

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An app developer using a laptop

What is React Native 0.64?

With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, more small to multimillion enterprises are running after developers to get advanced apps made for their customers. That’s one shocking statistic, right? So how do businesses ensure uniqueness and a class-apart user experience when it comes to launching a mobile app? This is where cutting-edge UI software frameworks … What is React Native...

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An iPhone and laptop lying on a white surface.

How to Monetize Your App

According to recent market surveys, around 96% and 92% free applications on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are free, respectively. Why would anyone be buying an application if most people are acquiring the free options and how is anyone actually generating revenue if free apps dominate the download charts? App monetization is a … How to Monetize Your...

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