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A leading accounting firm in Austin that provides specialized bookkeeping, taxation, and many other financial services and solutions to clients got in touch with us to develop a mobile app for their business. The company had a limited number of high-profile clients and looking to provide a mobile solution to help them manage their books more effectively.

The accounting firm wanted to gain a competitive advantage by providing their clients with the flexibility to check their financials on the go. They wanted an app solution that would:

  • Offer a responsive and seamless user experience
  • High-level cybersecurity and protection
  • Chat feature for instant support from the help desk


We previously developed an app with similar functionality for a client in a different industry; therefore, our developers had an idea of approaching the project effectively. We held multiple online meetings with the client to learn about their services and their clientele. We also discussed several ideas regarding the design and functionality of the app.

However, the client gave us a tight timeline for the project, so we had to find ways to cut down the development time. Our developers and designers brainstormed and formulated an efficient roadmap for app development. The client requested to only use the iOS app platform as all of their clients used iOS systems, which helped us reduce the production time.

Our primary objective was to integrate the app seamlessly into the client's database and software suite to provide real-time information on the go.

Accounting App

Our experienced app designers and developers started developing wireframes for visualization and wireframes to get the project started. We discussed multiple versions with the client and got their approval. Our prior experience of creating a similar app helped us write clean code and avoid many common issues that we encountered in the past.

Here are the features of our new banking app and its impact on the client's business:

Responsive and Seamless

Our senior iOS developers created a highly responsive app by using light display elements. We designed clear hierarchies to avoid cluttering the main interface, resulting in an intuitive and seamless app that offers an excellent user experience. We factored tap targets to ensure the client's users can use the app on the go.

Top-of-the-line Security

Our app developers understand the importance of the security of our client's users. We embedded advanced security solutions, including high-grade encryption and multi-factor authenticator, to ensure maximum protection against cyber attacks. We also added permission features to limit the information for different users depending on their authorization levels.

Chat features

We embedded the existing chat support available on their software suite to allow users to get instant support from the help desk. We created a special app user manual for customer service agents to conveniently troubleshoot user problems about the app functionality. We also added a FAQ section and tutorials for users to learn about all the app features.

Simplified Dashboard

Our designers wanted to offer easy navigation to users. They created a simplified dashboard with the most commonly used functions. We added a drag-and-drop feature to help users customize their user interface as per their liking. We also included different presets to help users set dashboards more conveniently. Technologies and Tools

  • React Native
  • Python
  • MySQL


The client was highly satisfied with the accounting app. The feedback from the users was also highly positive. The intuitive and responsive user interface, along with advanced functionalities, allowed users to keep track of their company financials with a tap of a button. Most users picked the user interface as the top feature of the application.


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