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A prominent ecommerce business in Austin contacted our team to develop an ecommerce app for their business. The client already had a successful ecommerce website and wanted to develop a mobile app with seamless navigation and a simplified checkout option to allow buyers to shop through their app conveniently.

The client's primary challenge was creating multiple unique experiences for nationwide customers. Moreover, the company was planning a business expansion in the upcoming months and facing tremendous competition. Therefore, the client was seeking an agile deployment process to beat the competition in time to market. They wanted a mobile app solution that would:

  • Provide easy onboarding and registration process
  • Comprehensive synchronization for a tailored user experience
  • Allow multiple payment options
  • Encourage customers to revisit their abandoned cart
  • Easy checkout to minimize bounce rate


In our detailed meeting with the client, our web development team was able to identify the primary challenges and goals of the client pertaining to the mobile app. Due to the project's time-sensitivity, we decided to opt for an agile development process and decided to create a cross-platform app, which would cut down the development time.

We have an empowered team who can complete tasks independently, making it easier for us to assign breakdown project goals and expedite the timeline. We studied the website activity of our client and started the development process of their mobile app. Our objective was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use app in a short time frame.

Our goal was to identify and analyze users' pain points, exploring new ideas, and design an intuitive app that really solves their problems. We started by conducting extensive research on factors that lead to dissatisfaction regarding customers' online banking experiences. We interviewed different groups of people to find out the pain points of our targeted users.

We consolidated and prioritized all the problems to create an action plan. We created a map of the banking app user journey. It involved identifying users' crucial action points and understanding their expectations. Our objective was to reinvent the banking experience of users previously dissatisfied with the banks' previous mobile applications.

Ecommerce App

Leveraging our experience of designing ecommerce apps for many clients, we built multiple versions of wireframes and prototypes. Once we got the client's approval, we focused on the app's core functions and user interface. Here are the features of our new ecommerce app and its impact on the client's business:

Easy onboarding and registration process

We identified that the client's target audience is tech-savvy. Therefore, our app developers opted for a "benefits approach" to app onboarding, focusing on communicating value to new customers. This approach, coupled with easy onboarding and registration process, aimed to minimize the app abandoning rate and encourage them to use the app more frequently.

Multiple payment options

Our developers focused on multiple mobile app payment gateway integration to secure payment through credit cards and different methods. We created a framework that would allow the client to add and remove payment methods conveniently. Our app developers embedded military-grade security features to keep client's sensitive data secure.


Our app developers created a dynamic mobile app that would allow users to integrate their social media accounts for a tailored shopping experience. The app would also allow them to connect their existing website account to leverage purchase and viewing history. These features would allow the client to personalize the user experience and suggest them relevant products.

Push notifications

Our app developers designed push notifications to encourage users to visit the client's mobile app and shop online. Rather than conventional push notifications, we designed the app to analyze the client's viewing history and wish list to suggest relevant products. We hired specialists to design a comprehensive push notification strategy to ensure user satisfaction.

Intuitive User Experience

We developed a seamless, user-centered interface with a simplified checkout process. Our app designers created an easy-to-use UI that would allow users to add products to the cart and check out instantly. The user interface went through extensive A/B testing and surveys to ensure a minimal bounce rate.

Technologies and Tools

  • Flutter
  • PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Integration with other payment gateways
  • Impact

    Our ecommerce app received a positive response from the beta users and testers. We received a suggestion to add a bar showing the total price, which we later incorporated into the app. The user appreciated the easy onboarding process and sync feature. Moreover, push notifications also lead to excellent conversion rates.


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