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Client's Challenge

A leading financial institution based in Austin came to us with operational challenges they were facing. The client's primary concerns were data security, payment processing system, and quality of customer service. It outgrew its software and started encountering problems in managing its day-to-day operations.

The financial institution approached us to design a solution to streamline their business development processes and overcome their data storage and processing challenges.

The client wanted an app solution that would:

  • Remove inefficiencies in operations and improve communications
  • Create a mobile experience that gives them a competitive edge
  • Deal with customer queries and increase their quality of service
  • Empower customers to engage more effectively with the client
  • Enhance the security of confidential business data and sensitive clients' information


Developing a Fintech app for the financial institution posed several strategic and technical challenges. We started by understanding the client's business, goals, and vision. We worked closely with them to identify these challenges and carried out extensive market research and feasibility study to develop a detailed plan for the Fintech app.

We leveraged our in-house expertise and app development experience to pick the right technology for the financial institution to ensure optimized usability for mobile users. We also focused on the development factors due to the time-sensitivity of the project. Our objective was to create a scalable, customized mobile app solution.

The Fintech App

We directed our efforts to create a Fintech app that flawlessly integrates with their systems. The seamless user experience and maximum uptime were the top primacies. Our professional app developers designed a cross-platform mobile application to ensure quick prototyping, easier implementation and maintenance, and uniformity.

Our goal was to address all the challenges faced by the financial institution through our Fintech app. Here are the features of our Fintech app and its impact on the client's business:


Security was our top priority for the client's Fintech app. We leveraged the industry-leading security features, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, fingerprint accessibility, real-time alerts, and a safe digitalized documentation option to ensure maximum safety of the client's confidential information.

Payment Processing Options

We identified a payment processing solution that enables the client to broaden its payment options. We create an effective online payment gateway solution to increase the payment methods the client can accept. It allowed customers to carry out secure transactions using major credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment processing services.

Seamless user experience

We created an easy-to-use interface to provide a seamless user experience to the customers. Our app designers simplified UX while keeping regulatory obligations in mind. We developed an effective platform that offers users a lean and robust way to connect with the client and conduct financial operations securely.

Customer support

Given the history of the client's struggle with dealing with clients' queries, we provided an integrated support channel to help the client respond to questions efficiently and quickly. Our developers used AI solutions to automating resolutions to repeatable tickets. It enabled the client to resolve problems faster without taking users out of their flow.

Onboarding experience

We created a short and straightforward onboarding experience to prevent users from getting overwhelmed. We leveraged the customers' existing records to autofill customer details, so once a user verifies their identity, everything is pre-filled. The quick onboarding access to the app was received positively by the customers.


Our Fintech app-enabled the client to solve most of their challenges and improve process efficiency. It significantly improved the operational efficiency, data security, and customer service of the client. As a result, the client can focus better on strategic initiatives to achieve maximum growth in upcoming years.

Technology Stack

  • React Native
  • Python
  • MySQL

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