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Need help in anything related to IT? Simply contact us and let us know what you need. Whether you have a small IT team, a one-person operation, outdated systems and processes, cyber security concerns, compliance issues, just let us know your top challenges related to IT in your organization and we will come up with the best possible solutions for you.

Migration to the Cloud

This is a service for businesses that want to migrate from on-premises storage solutions to the cloud. We help you deploy your application, services, resources, and digital assets to the cloud in a secure way while minimizing disruption. We can help you with:

  • Application Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Platform Migration

From assessment of your needs to creation of a roadmap, deployment, and post deployment support, we make sure we see the project to completion and help you get the most out of your migration to the cloud.


The technology stack you use in different departments of your organization can prove to be a big asset in helping you grow at scale. A technology stack that does not align with your goals can prove to be a liability. We help optimize the technology stack you are using in your organization and build the perfect technology stack for each department. We help you with:

  • Assessment
  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Optimization

From reporting tools to applications that are used daily in your organization, we turn your technology stack into your biggest asset and one of the key drivers for your growth.


Technology grows at a rapid pace and your organization needs to adapt quickly to make use of the latest opportunities presented by the latest technology. If you move to the latest technology months after everyone else, you are already losing out on many opportunities. You need a data driven technology roadmap that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Needs and priorities assessment
  • Technology roadmap development
  • Training roadmap development
  • Deployment and post deployment support

Building an annual technology and training roadmap is essential for organizations that rely heavily on technology to drive growth. We will make sure you are ready to tap into the opportunities offered by the latest technology.


By making use of our managed IT services, you tap into the expertise of our team as we manage your IT infrastructure and operations so you can concentrate on your core business. Our managed IT services are especially useful to SMEs as you gain access to a remote IT team and save a ton on overhead costs while maximizing productivity.

  • Server & Network Monitoring
  • IT Helpdesk Services
  • Application and website management
  • Everything your IT department would handle

This is a scalable service that you can upgrade and downgrade any time you want. You get a remote IT team that helps you with everything related to your IT infrastructure and operations at a fixed cost, helps you minimize downtime, ensure data security, provide online IT support, and do all of that at a fixed monthly cost.


Cyber attacks are becoming more common all over the world. Your systems need protection from all types of cyber attacks ranging from phishing attacks to DDoS and ransom-ware attacks. Most cyber attacks can be avoided by following cyber security best practices.

  • Thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Deployment of Solutions

Our team performs a thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure, identifies vulnerabilities and implements solutions to minimize risks of attacks. We also train your team in cybersecurity best practices, set up contingencies and backup servers, and continue to offer remote assistance to help you secure your operations.


Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) are three core practices in any organization. Every country and every industry has its own set of variables when it comes to GRC. We make sure your organization follows the best practices when it comes to these factors:

  • We create a framework where IT investments facilitate business objectives
  • We create frameworks for minimizing risks
  • We identify laws and regulations relevant to your business and make sure you are compliant

Following an expertly crafted GRC strategy helps you earn stakeholder confidence, avoid legal complications, and making sure your IT operations are in line with your business objectives.


A virtual CIO serves as your virtual chief information officer - they formulate your IT strategy and your roadmap within the budget you allocate to IT operations and then help with the execution of plans. Having a virtual CIO makes sense for small and medium sized businesses because you still need to organize your IT operations and cannot hire a full time CIO to handle the responsibility.

  • Creation of IT strategy and roadmap
  • Execution of IT roadmap
  • The go-to person for all IT challenges

With the help of a virtual CIO, you can make sure your IT operations are in line with business objectives, you do not go over budget, the processes are optimized for efficiency, the infrastructure is secured, you fulfill all compliance requirements, and you make use of the latest technology available. All of that at highly affordable and flexible costs - less than 1/10th of hiring an in-house CIO.


It will make sense for you to utilize our IT audit services if you already have an IT infrastructure in place. We do a thorough audit of all of your IT operations after gaining complete understanding of your business requirements, and see how your business and IT processes are aligned. We check for continued delivery of services, and check for areas that require improvements.

  • Thorough audit of your IT infrastructure
  • Audit your technology stack
  • Audit of level of availability of IT services
  • Audit for alignment between business and IT processes
  • IT employees skills assessment (where needed)

Your IT operations can be your greatest asset against the competition. With the help of our IT audit services, you improve your IT strategy, implement changes, optimize your stack, up-skill your employees, and streamline your IT processes to achieve unparalleled growth.

Our IT Consulting Process

While the process slightly varies depending on the type of services you wish to utilize, some of the basic steps we follow remain the same. Here's how we do it:


Requirements Gathering

This is where you provide us with all the information necessary to start the project. We will also do some digging and find relevant information online. Being equipped with data and information will help us move the project in the right direction.


Conceptualization and UI/UX Wireframe Design

At this stage we present you with multiple options in the form of wireframes. The wireframes will give you an idea of what the app will look and feel like, and we can finalize the UI and UX at this stage after getting your approval.



The development stage strictly follows a project roadmap where deadlines for each milestone are clearly stated. We keep you updated of all developments during this stage.


QA, Debugging, and Optimization

Once the app has been developed it is time for some rigorous testing, debugging and optimization before we finally move on to deployment.

Customer Care that Exceeds
your Expectations

Your business objectives are the driving force behind every IT strategy we make.

24/7 Support

We are available round the clock. IT emergencies can happen at any time and it is therefore important to have someone available on call who can assist you in such scenarios.

In-Depth Understanding

We develop in-depth understanding of your business objectives as well as the role IT plays in your growth at the beginning of the relationship. Every strategy and decision we make is based on your needs.

Unparalleled Expertise

Half of your worries vanish into thin air when you realize you are working with someone who knows what they are doing. Our highly skilled IT professional and specialists put their skills to work in solving your problems.

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Benefits of IT Consulting Services

Wondering whether you need IT consulting or not? Here are some benefits of these services:

Gain an outside perspective from an expert

By hiring a consultant or an IT consulting company, you tap into resources that brings technical expertise as well as an outsider's perspective to the table.

Alignment of your IT infrastructure and operations with your business goals

IT consulting firms like Softwareistic specialize in aligning your IT infrastructure, your technology stack, your employees' skills and certifications, and your IT operations with your business goals and objectives. You eliminate redundancies, gain smoother operations, and the IT part of your business starts contributing towards your growth.

Focus on your core business operations

By hiring an expert to review and improve your IT operations you free up a lot of time on your calendar that you can now dedicate to any other aspect of your business. You can focus more on your core business functions and operations and bring improvements there as IT consultants improve the IT side of things.

Improved Productivity Resulting in Better ROI

The whole point of hiring an IT consulting firm is so they will come in and improve everything related to IT in your company. As you improve operations and tap into the opportunities presented by the latest technologies, you will see improved productivity and better ROI. Simply by migrating to better online servers.

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Why Softwareistic?

Softwareistic specializes in IT consulting and solving your IT related problems. We develop a deeper understanding of the challenges you are facing, learn about your business objectives, and then device solutions that help you achieve your goals. With us, you can expect professionalism, consistent communication, and a commitment to meet deadlines. You should choose to work with us because we offer:

  • Full cycle IT consulting from roadmap delivery to optimization
  • Unparalleled expertise in solving IT challenges
  • Round the clock support
  • Competitive prices

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